AA: v. Astrum argentum

Aamon: Inside demonology, a marquis of Hell that commands 40 legions. Its representation could be an owl's head or wolf's head spitting fire and a human body or snake tail. It has knowledge of the past and the future. Related a bit with the Egyptian god of the same name.

Abacus divination:Divination process through boards with specific answers, these answers combined showed a meaning or a real answer in a similar way to the possible combination in an abacus. In Boura (Greece) this process was used on the Heracles Oracle.

Abadir: v. Betilo.

Abiosis: In occultism, an apparent state of death.

Ablution: Cleaning ritual. In the magical world it is used in order to protect oneself from evil spirits or demons and spells. Besides it is believed that illness or harm can be passed through water.

Abracadabra: One of the oral formulas for divination and magical protection. As a formula from Hebrew Cabala, its meaning would be: send your lightning till death. In triangle form its had specific objectives, channelling the energy from the top to the bottom, specially to heal or eliminate evil eye, although it was also used to communicate with hell. Some sects from old ages (specially from East) give them a numeric value (adding 365). As an amulet, it is put on the neck inside a metal plaque or a scroll. For alchemists, the triangle form is seen as a cosmic whole.

Abraxas: Gnostic amulet in which Egyptian or Greek deities were carved with Hebrew or hermetic formulas. According to Basilidians, heretic people who took the name of the alexandrine philosopher, Basilide (2nd century), Abraxas was the most ancient god of all which rule over the 365 minor gods or geniuses that controlled the days in a year. He was also called Abracax, some people here see the origin of the word "Abracadabra". Demonology establish that "abraxas" is a demon with scaled legs, swollen belly, skimpy tail and a chicken head with a crown, armed with a whip.

Abstinence: v. Fast. Old magic pretended their practitioners to avoid several basic commodities. 

Acquisitio: Figure from geomancy that represents either success or the enlargement of a material or moral purpose, also known as Profit, Fortune or among Arabic people as Entering Fist. It is also related to the air and Jupiter.

Acultomancy: Divination by sharp objects as needles and pins. Seven are chosen, one with broken head or broken and they have to be thrown to a tablecloth (in the case of pins), needles have to be thrown at a dish with rain water and then the reader can interpret the resulting shapes.

Aquarius: Sign for people born between 21st January and 18th February. It is an air sign under Uranus and it is said that people born under it have an evershifting personality, going from kindness to coldness since they like to preserve their intimacy and prefer to avoid arguing. They aren't fond of promiscuity and they do not like a family approaching, either, since they are independent and intelligent, never mature completely and tend to innovate and reform.

Adrammelech: President of the high council of demons, foreman of Satan's wardrobe. He is represented by a mule with human torso and peacock tail. Children were sacrificed to him, since he was considered to be a divinity in Assyria.

Aegagrophila: v. Bezoar.

Aeromancy: The art of predicting the future through observation of air phenomenon or atmospheric events, clouds' shapes, shooting stars... Greek people watched the form of the surface of liquids moved by air. In old times a comet usually announced the death of a relevant person.

Afflicted : In astrology, a planet in a bad Aspect.

Agares: Great duke of the eastern part of Hell. It wears a robe over a crocodile, with a sparrow hawk in his hand. It rules over thirty one infernal legions, that can be summoned in order to defeat enemies. Among its powers there is the ability to make the earth spirits dance and the teaching of languages.

Agate: Stone with several virtues, it takes away thunder, fire and the Devil as well as it neutralizes the snake and scorpion's venom among other healing abilities. As a triangular amulet is hanged on the neck to protect the heart, the stomach and the bowels. It is said that drinking water were an agate has been placed could return back fertility. It avoids arguments and promotes family. It's the stone of gardeners and sports people, since it avoids fatigue and it helps for good results. In order to know if an agate is really magical, according to some, just boil it and check how fast it gets cold.

Agent: Person who, in telepathic situations (being aware or unaware), experiments or speaker or receiver's sensations. See Fluid.

AGLA/AKLA: kabbalistic acronym of Aieth Kadol Leolam Adonai (Thou, O' Lord, art mighty foreverth) whose magic power chases away diabolic forces and it expels them away. 

Air: v. aeromancy, chaomancy. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air signs.

Aisthesis: Name given to the divination and the "sixth" sense.

Ajty: Egyptian amulet that represents the Sun in the Horizon and symbolises both life and resurrection (s.Egyptian Talismans).

Alastor: In Ancient times, a criminal spirit, the cause of human mistakes. As a demon, it can represent happiness but also absolute opposition as well as vengeance. Related/confused with Azazel or exterminating angel, or with an infernal count called Raum.

Albino: In Western world, albinos are considered as people with strange powers and running into one could bring bad luck. In other places like Africa, superstition takes them for spirits -since white is the colour of the great beyond- or cursed people so they are chased and murdered, sometimes with economic aims since they are very valued in witchcraft.

Albert Magnus: Alchemist monk and botanist from 13th century, master of Saint Thomas of Aquinas. It is falsely given the authorship of esoteric text as The remarkable secrets from Albert the great (about physiognomy, predictions, astrology and medicine) and The Solid Treasure of Albert the small (about oneiric interpretation and witchcraft).

Albus: geomantic figure that recall purity, beauty and serenity. It represents good fortune. It is related with Venus and the element of water. (see article about geomantic figures).

Alchemist: Alchemy practitioner, identified with philosophers and chemists. They are divided in insufflate (chemicals) and Adepts (searchers or people with knowledge).

Alchemy: Philosophical tradition which treats the transmutation of the elements, in particular of precious metals, and the achievement of the highest levels of knowledge. The alchemy that only searches for transmutation of appearance or mischief and manipulation of metal is considered vulgar and very criticised. But some try to see the origins of chemistry in it in a simplistic way. It is divided on three branches:

Alectorius: Stone from the bowels of a 4 years old capon which is believed to grant invincibility.

Alectryomancy: Divination with a rooster which is put on the centre of a circle or geometric figure with 24 squares with letters and grains. Interpretation was based on the letters the rooster was pecking and the order.

Alkahest: Universal alchemic solvent obtained through the philosopher's stone.

Allocer: Great infernal duke represented with a lion head and knight armour, his mount has big dragon legs. He rules over thirty six legions and offers knowledge about the sky and liberal arts.

Alomancy: Divination by salt which was thrown to the fire and the crackle was interpreted, or seeing its dissolution in some liquid. It is believed that you can know if a severe illness could be lethal if you put salt on the person's hand and the salt dissolves with sweat. It is a bad omen if salt falls but it can be solved by throwing salt over left shoulder to blind the Devil away.

Alphabet: A Western tradition relate each letter or phoneme of Latin alphabet to an element, a planet and a Zodiac Sign (s. article about alphabetic correspondence). Each culture has established it based on writing and with letters and phonemes divination and numerological rituals are carried out.

Alphitomancy: Divination according to the form in which someone suspicious or a consultant eats a flour or barley cake.

Alrun/Alraune: It means noble knowledge of all the runes. It was the name given to Nordic/German fortune tellers as well as to a magic doll made of roots with the engraved runic characters. For others it's the name of a succubus.

Alu: Runicspell, allegedly related to beer (s.article).

Aludel: Name of the alchemic or philosophical glass where the Great Obra was consumed, the Philosopher's Stone creation. It was an egg-shaped recipient, related to rebirth or similar to Holy Grail. To seal the mercury was named as "seal aludel".  

Alveromancy: v. Alphitomancy.

Amber: It is admired for its own electrical properties. This fossilised resin was considered the Helios' tears, after knowing about its son's death, Phaeton. Then it was related to Apolo so it had many healing powers, against bacteria, specially for throat and lung infections so it was common to elaborate remedies with amber, also in order to stop haemorrhages. This way it was common to see it amongst women in their menstruation and labour. In Middle Ages it was used in love potions. In Eastern they made animal figures that preserve fertility.

Amduat: Name of the Great Beyond in the ancient Egyptian culture. It is also the name of a funerary text that describes the path of the dead until they reach the Gods. (v. Egyptians Talismans)

Amduscias: Great duke of Hell that rules over 29 legions. Its form is human, except from its unicorn head. Among its powers, it has invisible and inaudible singing that can submit plants and trees.

Amen: Semitic word that is translated by "so be it" or "that's it". It has magical meaning because of the relation of divine will. In Hebrew Cabala, it has 99 value. Many have tried to link its meaning to the Indian word "Om".

Amethyst: Purple quartz, a stone which is believed to have the power to preserve clarity and drunkenness. Symbol of temperance and wisdom, it is usual to appear in rings of bishops and high positions. Related to Saint Valentine, Judas and Mathias is interpreted as humbleness because of its colour. It gives prophetic dreams and chase away nightmares and impure thoughts. 

Amissio: Geomantic figure that indicates loss or decrease. In Arabic: handle. It is related to Mercury and to the element of air. (s. article about geomantic figures). 

Amniomancy: Divination through the membrane that sometimes covers newborn babies.

Amulet: Object which has a magical passive virtue, a protective one. (Active virtue, see Talisman). Its composition comes from natural elements, it could be vegetable or mineral, whose particular powers act and influence its action. Its form could establish another function. Each age has its own amulets. Nowadays it could be considered that marketing of some products has amulet properties.

Anagrammatism: Divination method that searches for the fate of a person in the anagram of his/her name. S. also Onomancy. 

Ankh: (or Anj): Amulet known as "crux ansata" or cross with a handle, its name means life and its always worn by gods related to it. It is also known as Egyptian cross or "Key of Life". People tried to give it many interpretations, sexual or with Tyet or Shen. It is also a protective amulet. (s. Egyptian Talismans). 

Ansuz: s. Áss

Aporroia: Magical strength (Gr.) s.Dýnamis. 

Arcana (tarot): The name of the Tarot prints. They are divided in Major or trumps, that are 22 cards with the known characters and archetypes, and Minor arcana, the 57 other cards.

Arcane: From Latin "Arcanum". Secret, mystery, eldritch, or thing that remains hidden. It's generic for all magical procedures that require specific knowledge or initiation. (s. also Arcanes (tarot)).

Arithmancy: Divination system by associating numbers to letters, symbols or situations. It changes in each cultures and the rest of the arts related (numerology, geomancy, tarot...). For example, the idea in One as a one of the first numbers, but Two being the one that gives balance, Three for trinity and being steady. It is also called arithmancy to magical disposition of the numbers in order to develop stamps or to find treasures.

Asbestos: mineral substance that protects from witchcraft due to its repellence to fire, according to Pliny the Elder (1st century a.C).

Áss (and Óss): Rune of the sound /a/ related to gods and the power of the word in ancient world, and understanding, messages and deliver in modern interpretations (s. article).

Astragalomancy: Divination by little bones marked with letters or numbers that was carried out in Greek and Roman world. Nowadays it's done with dice.

Astrologist: Astrology practicant.

Astrology: Art of predicting events through watching the skies. According to used patterns, it can investigate in a generalised, individual and specific way. It also calls astrology to certain meteorological esoteric branches. In ancient times it was classified as naturalis and allowed because of its similarity with astronomy and the religious aspect of the universe, and superstitiosa, which was not allowed since it was based on zodiac and demonology, forbidden as pagan arts. There were also medical astrology and zoological or vegetable ones when they thought the celestial influence concerned these two groups.

Astrum Argentum: Secret society created on 1905 by Aleister Crowley (1875-1974) where he gathers knowledge adquired in his trips to Egypt and Asia along his own interpretations of self-initiation and loathing of the "self" to cross the Abyss of this world. Inside this society there were three initiatory orders, the last of them received the name of Astrum Argentum. 

Átaphoi: Gr. It means "without burial". It is the way to call dead people with no burial or ritual and their spirits, whom it is said cannot rest in peace. 

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