General information

This page contains different sections including the information and the corresponding articles which perhaps could come from the Blog. It also has a Glossary and a Library which allow to increase information when necessary. You can also apply to Contact section, always available for any question related or not to the content of the page.

All the sections are frequently updated.  

If you don't know about magic...

Because of the scientific-objective point of view which will try to establish in our content, the best thing to do is being well informed with introductory texts to understand a posteriori the concepts we are going to find.
The disciplines and the titles are too long to make a list that could satisfy everyone. Individual search is always productive if one pays attention to author's relevance. I personally suggest 'The Golden Bough' by James G. Frazer, a text not exactly current but still used thanks to its terminology and many examples 

If you already know about magic...

Either because of ancient studies, history, archaeology, anthropology or any other discipline or because of being a practicant person, you will move in the web page freely without any problems.
Any note or correction or any new information to include will be very welcomed through contact section.