Occultism. Used as a synonym of esoterism, it is different because of its practical vision and being creator of magic. It aims for material or tangible objectives. It includes many esoteric practices since it is a study of the hidden and secret issues. Its name is more with the times.

Osculum obscenum: Obscene kiss This was the name for the act of kissing the devil's buttocks, in covens, in order to show him loyalty and honor.  

Ox: Good fortune animal. In Rome, this animal was considered as a fortune-teller with a gift for words (as it happens in legens in Second Punic War), it is worthy of Gods, Christianity made it a image for docility and humbleness since it knelt on the trough. It is believed they custody hidden treasures and its breath, skin and meat have healing properties. Also, devil could never take his shape so its presence protects from evil spirits.

Owl: Animal with double meaning. Usually seen as a bad omen bird, it is considered that its presence and hoot are signs of close death, also if they stand on a property or they crash into the windows. They might have direct contact with spirits. Their eyes are devil's features and it was identified as an evil animal because it entered the churches to drink the lamps' oil. However, they are also a symbol of wisdom, clarevoyance and protection, used in amulets, also using parts of the animal as legs or the heart, in order to obtain answers from the sleeping people.

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