Witch/Wizard: Women, usually identified before as old women, and men with physical flaws which have made deals with the Devil or they use maleficent magical skills. They are able to make filters, spells, oinments, evil rituals, fly to covens... Because of cultural and patriarchal reasons, wizards have always been considered as officiants in covens or rituals. This was all European religious vision, since similar patterns were identified in other cultures as shamanism or healers during XX century. There were persecutions and methods to expel these maleficent people as the roaster singing, crosses, some herbs, spit three times on the floor, wearing the pockets inside out, salt circles or amulets.

Current image of witches and wizards has changed a lot and many consider a wizard or a witch to some who was supernatural powers from birth. But magicians have to develope those powers and learn them. In the other hand, it is clear that witchcraft is the survival of paganism against christianity so most of the people who practices it had this knowledge and stood up the strong power of Church against other beliefs.

Witchcraft: In opposition to Catholic religion, it is considered a deflected magic which develops bad skills and generally diabolic contacts. Nowadays there is still a suspicious vision about it but not necessarily evil or heretic. Persecutions for witchcraft happened from Middle Ages to XVIII century. Even after that, there were still some trials but romanticism and occultism gave a new point of view of it. 

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