10-20-2021. A fine for witchcraft in Chiapas and sacrifices of black animals in Veracruz


The accusation occurred in an indigenous Tzotzil community of Cuchulumtic, in Chiapas, in Mexico. The affected person, a 35-year-old man who professes the evangelical religion, alleged health problems, derived from ingesting an alleged bewitched recipe that his mother had offered him, a broth in which the woman had put chickens, worms and herbs. in a turkey broth (guajolote), ingredients listed by the sister of the affected person. In the man's own words, that broth drove him crazy. However, with the exception of the worms, even the inhabitants themselves doubted whether this was in fact an act of witchcraft as such.

But faced with the possibility that, in fact, it was considered witchcraft, despite the fact that many inhabitants think that the man has previous mental problems, the community - which always solves its problems through peaceful meetings and avoiding external interference - governs itself through the so-called "usages and customs" - after three hours of deliberation, they estimated that it was best for the accused to pay a fine of 200,000 pesos, about $9,800, within 2 weeks.

Without a doubt the news, which in reality is nothing more than a smoke bomb in the face of personal problems over an inheritance of land, has come to light due to the mention of witchcraft as a mechanism in the matter. If it had not been for being in a self-governed indigenous community, it would have been interesting to see the importance or inconsequentiality of it by a larger government, given that a few days ago, in the port of Veracruz, the PATAS Animal Protection Association denounced that in At midnight in the Las Amapolas II colony, sacrifices of black animals had taken place, such as chickens, rabbits, ferrets and cats, in what seemed like "black magic" rituals (upon arrival they found painted circles, candles, weapons... .), but in this regard there has been no government statement.

Veracruz is truly already an area known and recognized for its magical-religious traditions and syncretisms with the native and African Yoruba culture, especially in the Catemaco area. However, this specific case is more linked to drug trafficking and the request for protection from Santa Muerte or other bloodthirsty entities.

The association asked the population to be vigilant and not allow the adoption of black animals during the months of October and November, close to the Day of the Dead, since they could be used more frequently in this type of rituals, something that, On the other hand, it is a common call in many other countries in the world, as a general rule. According to some, it is superstition or urban legend, even though examples like this event make it clear that there is a clear association and use, even if it is specific.

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