12-01-2023. Ophiuchus is not a Zodiac sign.


No, Ophiuchus is not a Zodiac sign. And it cannot be part of the horoscope either. Every year the same news appears, mixed with NASA statements and entertainment magazines, but the vast majority of broadcasters, in reality, have no real knowledge of how astrological or astronomical observation works, and they should not be confused.

In Western astrology, that is, that of the twelve zodiacal signs, at some point the constellations of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces coincided with the space that had reserved for astrological observation, that is, the ecliptic: the apparent path that the sun makes across the sky. That's why they are "solar" signs.

However, already in ancient times it was known that the cosmos is in motion and that these constellations, over time, would move on the star map. However, since Babylonian and Greek times, the names of these constellations were fixed for celestial times and spaces, and established the characteristics of each period, regardless of the constellation.

The constellations of the ecliptic have been moving since their beginning, and yet the names of the twelve signs have remained. Furthermore, there is a small cumulative difference in the precession phenomenon: for two centuries now there has been a slight difference of 24° in one or two signs due to which the constellation in the sky and the one corresponding to astrology do not coincide. for at least 2/3 of the established period (For example, the constellation of Libra is in the sky in the period of Scorpio).

However, as has already been said, astrology takes into account the space of the ecliptic and not the location of the constellations themselves (although their positions can be evaluated in astrological charts, as can those of the planets). In other words, we must distinguish between astronomy and astrology. Therefore, no matter which constellation "gets" into the ecliptic, the signs and deadlines of the horoscopes remain the same. Take for example Hindu astrology, which, unlike Western astrology, analyzes the sky with the sidereal zodiac (Nirayana), instead of the tropical one, and takes into account the equinoctial precession. This means that it includes in its zodiac and its astrological charts the constellations that enter its territory, in consequent relation to the planetary position, instead of maintaining a fixed group regardless of its position, as occurs with the Western zodiac. In Hindu astrology, the constellation of Ophiuchus is part of the zodiac (the figures), but not the horoscope (signs and times for divination). For them it does not make sense to maintain the same figures without observing the changes, if the origin of the ecliptic has moved 24 degrees for years and the planets only cover 1/3 of their time passing through the assigned sign and 2/3 in the next one. . They, in that sense, readjust it. However, by horoscope we understand, like the West, the celestial sections and not the groupings of stars.

So inserting Ophiuchus in the zodiacal signs not only does not make sense, but also breaks the calculations made for the symbolic division into 12 parts of 30° each (along with the importance of the numbers), as well as the Celestial houses, the decanates, etc... All the more so if the constellation of Cetus is added to the astrological hoax.

The most incredible thing is that you can even read "personality types" of those who were born under these false signs, so their own new theories fall under their own weight. Those born in "Ophiuchus", which would span from November 30 to December 17, would necessarily have to share characteristics, inclinations and drives with Scorpios and Sagittarius, since, in theory, the cosmic influences of these periods are similar... But since there is no astrological tradition, the descriptions are crazy, very different from each other, to a certain extent quick and not even worked out, since they are given the "personality of a doctor" because the mythological character of Ophiuchus was a doctor.

These quick products and the countless reactions they have provoked are a clear consequence of the fact that, whether you believe in astrology or not, it has a very recognized tradition, which is very difficult to modify, but very easy to use as a lure.

Pietro Viktor Carracedo Ahumada - pietrocarracedo@gmail.com

Below we leave NASA's Twitter-Tumblr thread for the astronomical issues that have caused a stir every beginning of the year for decades:


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