Course XXII The Keys of the Romanesque. Magical and supernatural. Beliefs and superstitions in the Romanesque era.


Once again, the Santa María La Real Foundation offers its wide variety of courses on culture and heritage, focused on the Romanesque, offering presentations, workshops, seminars, excursions, guides and trips.

On this occasion, they bring us a course on medieval magical and superstitious practices through literature, iconography or archaeology, intended for all those interested in learning new details about the Romanesque. It will take place in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia), on July 23 to 25, and from September 17 to 19, 2021. The content of both courses is identical and their purpose is to facilitate participation. For the same purpose, it will be carried out simultaneously both in person and online: if you go in person you will be able to enjoy extra excursions; If you opt for the online version, the classes will remain recorded for a month on a private platform so you can view them outside of real time, and includes receiving the publication of the minutes.

The syllabus for this course and registration information can be found at the link attached below. From ABRA we invite you to participate, aware of its professionalism, or if this is not possible, stay tuned for the publication of the minutes to get an enjoyable copy.

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