The NewBerry library (Chicago) ask for translators and transcribers for magical texts.


The Newberry library, in Chicago, has opened a portal: Transcribing Faith inside the Religious Change project: 1450-1700 where it shows online scanned texts from these ages, with them it shows and evaluates the change in a spiritual and intellectual level which happened from Middle Ages to Modern Era.

In this moment there are available several magical texts from 16-17th century for those who apply for help from volunteers who know Latin and English to transcribe and translate them as part of common wealth.

The titles offered are: Cases of Conscience Concerning Witchcrafts, Book of magical Charms, Italian Religious Broadsiders y (Calligraphic) Commonplace Book.

After the translation they will be revised before being approved as a part of the ultimate text which will be added to the digital library, with free access.

Here is the link:

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