The Sinister Experience. Seminar on Satanism and Left Hand Path


Next Thursday, November 28, 2019, an academic conference will take place at the Complutense University of Madrid on Satanism and its cultural and cultic identifications, as well as other related systems of thought, particularly those linked to esotericism and the most ritual and personal occultism, such as those belonging to the so-called Left Hand Path. The event has been organized by AJICR (Association of Young Researchers in Religious Sciences), in collaboration with Satanistas de España, this being their first official event.

The Sinister Experience, which is how the event has been called, will have academic presentations in the morning on the question of the thought of this philosophy, the reception, or rather, mythification, of its social image, its various facets and its relationship with magic, either in the collective imagination, as a symbol, or as a practical tool. In the afternoon there will be round tables where these ideas will be shared with the added participation of scholars, followers and practitioners who will give a closer view of these groups. All of this without straying from the initial purpose: to overcome clichés from a non-denominational and purely academic perspective.

Satanistas de España offers the addition of a ritual performance at the end of the act.

Attendance is open and free, except for those who consider requesting a certificate of attendance. For those interested, in the links you will find the program, its schedules and information:

UPDATED: In the following link you will find the videos related to the presentations that took place there.

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