Western palmistry (III): the Mounts.


As could be seen in the previous article (fingers and nails) about palmistry, the fingers are named and influenced by the moutns beneath them. Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury, as well as the thumb Venus. For this reason, along with the mountains, the thickness and length of the three phalanges of the index finger are also analyzed, dividing it into the three parts that were already discussed in the previous article: first phalanx, mental; second phalanx, practicality; third phalanx, the passionate. Now we will analyze the meanings that have been given to the mounts, and the characteristics that they imprint on the people in whom they stand out, or those that they lack if they sink.

The mounts are divided into three groups:

- Strong, when they rise or are prominent, which means that they have a lot of influence and their skills and characteristics are enhanced.

- Ordinary, when they have the same height as the rest of the palm, which means that they receive a normal, standard influence, and do not stand out especially for the abilities of the mounts.

- Weak, when they sink, which means that they lack that influence, and therefore the abilities of the mounts are not relevant or manifest in the individual.

Although there are multiple traditions, most agree on identifying seven mounts. Five of these are named after the planet that rules the corresponding fingers:

Below the index, the mount of Jupiter, is clearly influenced by the mythological image of Zeus, associated with the Roman Jupiter, and therefore by his characteristics as king of the gods but also as a tyrant. That is why it indicates leadership, nobility, ambition, pride... but also the ease of distrust, as well as being carried away by superstition, rigidity in one's actions, or the idea of power. The index finger has always been related to the controller finger. All this can be greater or less depending on whether the mount is strong or ordinary with little elevation; If it is a weak mount, the person will not have any ambition or any leadership capacity, and distrust and manias will be much more noticeable.

In love, they are predicted to have an "exhibition" marriage; they feel truly proud of their partners, but not as trophies, but rather showing off their virtues. The excessive ambitions and displays of Jupiterians can lead to estrangements from the couple, however, all matters will always be dealt with honestly. In the end, it is about the ambition of the Jupiterian, in the search for self-improvement or improvement, and if the couple does not share this ambition, the relationship will suffer.

In terms of health, they will be affected by digestive problems, because they are given to excessive eating. They may also suffer from heart and respiratory problems resulting from digestive disorders.

Professionally, they will pursue a career in those environments in which there are possibilities for advancement, such as industries or companies, achieving leadership positions, or failing that, they will have independent projects with relative success, such as a literary publication, or an artistic event. .

There are marks with specific meanings that can give clues to the person's future. A cross or a star on the mount of Jupiter is considered to be a good omen, announcing a happy marriage and success.

Below the middle or heart, the mount of Saturn, does not receive such a clear mythological influence. They are people who are defined, on the other hand, as parsimonious and patient, perhaps because of the relationship between Cronus, the Greek god of time, and Saturn, the Roman god (who, in reality, was a god of agriculture).

It is complex, due to the pure natural physiognomy of our hands, for the Mount of Saturn to rise very high; on the contrary, it seems that the common thing is for it to sink. As compensation, we tend to analyze whether the middle finger is extremely long or whether the other fingers lean towards it. It is said that Saturnians are pessimistic, cold and picky people. Their attitude is not feigned, but their way of being leads them to defend their pessimistic positions and rejoice when they are right. This also leads them to loneliness, to focus on studies and on the most profound or unusual aspects of things. For all this, they are profiled as shy, nervous people, but also cynical, somewhat miserly and so self-sufficient that they neglect others. If the mount is strong, these characteristics will make him a peculiar and striking person, which will cause even more dislike. But if the mount is weak, that is, sunken, there will only be one or two characteristics that stand out, usually sadness or melancholy, and otherwise it will be a person who is at least tractable.

Their predictions in love are not usually positive, since their independence isolates them. In this case, it cannot be deduced by the mount of Saturn, you must go to the line of the heart. If the heart line is short or not very marked, it will indicate an even more difficult and undesirable personality as a partner.

In health, nervous and circulatory problems, varicose veins, as well as bone conditions, such as tooth pain, rheumatism or osteoarthritis, will stand out. These problems are detectable by the existence of a fence on the mount of Saturn. The fence will also indicate the psychological difficulties in approaching this person.

Professionally, they stand out in diverse fields, such as chemistry or music, investments, commerce, history..., in short, environments where individual work takes precedence. They can also stand out as teachers, although they will be distant and aloof. They will not be given to environments of fame or acclaim, and if they achieve certain recognition they will develop narcissistic attitudes.

Under the ring finger, the mount of Apollo, it is influenced by the mythological image of the god Apollo: they are believed to be artistic and athletic, skilled in music. They are, in their personality, practically the opposite of Saturnians. It is understood that they are lively, happy, active, social, friendly and practical people. All these attitudes will be positively highlighted if the mount is strong, but if it is weak, that is, sinking, these attitudes will be temporary and relatively annoying, since its mood can lead to procrastination, carelessness, various extravagances, or in excessive perfectionism, in the search for the beautiful. But it is preferable for it to be marked or sunken than for it to be an ordinary mount, since that would denote a boring and monotonous attitude. Half virtue and half defect, they will strive for the people around them to see life as they do, which is not always possible or good, depending on the circumstances. Their triumphs, therefore, will not always be as lofty as they make them out to be.

In love, nice things are not meant for them. Their "superiority" turns into arrogance and they end up seeking, once again, the beautiful, the aesthetic, what agrees with their ideals, which are often too strict, so they become insatiable, as well as volatile, unfaithful, not very sensual. , and romantic only in the sense of falling in love and admiration. However, if they have found their object of desire and are reciprocated, they can be extremely jealous and vengeful. The same thing can happen with friendships, which means that many of your friends do not end up committing to deeper projects or issues, knowing their possible negative reactions.

Regarding health, the Apollonian type is usually identified by good, robust general health, which is problematic when searching for its weaknesses, so one must turn to the line of Life, the Heart and Intelligence, and look for symbols of weakness in them. Commonly, the fence on the Mount of Apollo is already a negative sign. In the line of Intelligence, spots or islands will indicate visual problems. On the Heart line, islands or crosses will indicate disorders of this organ and ailments prone to age. On the life line, these same marks will indicate moments of acute attacks, which will be accompanied by fever or dizziness.

In the professional field they will seek aesthetic or practical satisfaction. They could stand out in artistic fields, such as painting, dance, literature..., but also in science and justice, such as in the fields of medicine, law, ambassadors, public relations, or in those positions in which their ease of deal will get you many contacts, as a model, photography, public speaking, editorial...

The moutn of Apollo is greatly influenced by the mount of Mercury, because it is next to it, and the mount of the Moon, because it is its mythological sister.

Under the little finger, the mount of Mercury, is influenced by the mythology of Hermes-Mercury, so their eloquence is sought for characteristics worthy of merchants, judges, debates, politicians, presenters, and also as doctors, by the association with the caduceus of Hermes, which later became a symbol of medicine.

Their ability to express themselves makes them people of continuous speech, but this also makes them prone to arguments, to disperse in conversations, and to not listen to others. They are active in all aspects, more than by force because of skill and enthusiasm, which is why they are highly appreciated in certain jobs, arts and sports in which physical strength is not everything, but rather reflexes, mental capacity, proactivity. or flexibility and adaptability. It is said that they are people with great intuition, with varied hobbies and that they dedicate themselves to multiple tasks at the same time.

This ease of adaptation, this cunning, means that, just as in the arts they can stand out as actors, they also carry this double facet in daily life, which can become a serious problem on a social level. They will have a reputation as cheaters, liars and envious people, because they will always want to successfully try the companies run by others. To find out the path the Mercury will take, the little finger is analyzed; the more curved it is, the more prone it will be to bad practices. On the other hand, a weak, sunken Mount of Mercury would nullify all intellectual capacity and interest in the aforementioned fields, even having the ability to do so, but that is better than a development for the worse.

When it comes to love, they are restless, but at the same time homey, because they are looking for a place of comfort with a comfortable person who knows how to keep up with them. They believe in love in youth and if they find it they will have no hesitation in remaining faithful and marrying early. On the contrary, finding their ideal partner will become more complicated the longer they delay the search, because they will have filled their lives with many more activities. Children like it, but they like children just enough, when they don't interfere with their chores.

In health, Mercurians tend to suffer from stomach and liver diseases, as well as diseases due to their nerves. They are otherwise in sufficiently robust health, although they will somatize their worries. Given their intuition, they can achieve a certain clairvoyance that causes them even more discomfort. Urine and gynecological problems are also common.

Professionally, the fields in which they can stand out have already been mentioned (politics, medicine, law, commerce...). It is believed that there are specific brands that can better define your professional field. The bars on the Mount of Mercury are a symbol of bad faith, even of prison, just as a poorly marked heart line speaks of a lack of empathy. If it has three vertical lines, it is believed that it will pull towards the medical field. If the Mount of Mercury is united with the Mount of Apollo, you will have a great love for the arts, even if you are not dedicated to them professionally. Stars, triangles and tridents on the mount of Mercury are very positive signs that announce success, while bars or crosses or islands are a bad omen for the development of the Mercury's personality.

Next to the thumb, the mount of Venus. It is undoubtedly influenced by the goddess Aphrodite, in the aspects of sensuality, loose morals and charm, but also by the Roman goddess, Venus, who was a creator goddess, united with nature, love and generosity. They are honest people with good taste, passionate and generally balanced, unless some other mount stands out almost as well as this one. They stand out for their sensitivity and intuition. If the mount is weak, the person will lack all empathy and attractiveness.

Venusians have two very disparate aspects, which are defined by the depth of the Line of Intelligence and the consistency of the mount, as well as whether it is a man or a woman, being the only mount in which this distinction seems to matter. If it is a man, a very hard mount will indicate his base instincts, while if it is a soft mount, it will indicate delicacy, artistic and refined spirit. If it is a woman, it will be the opposite: a strong mountain in a woman will indicate the most positive aspects of femininity, while a weak mount will indicate that she is a person who allows herself to be carried away by carelessness, temptations and base passions. .

In love they are dedicated and sincere, and marriage attracts them as a romantic idea. By mythological association, it is said that they are attracted to those individuals who have some aspect of Mars, but this is not decisive. They seek peace and happiness, without leaving aside their sexuality or their hobbies. His friendships are also extremely important to him and he will feel great love for children and animals. If a star appears on the mount, it is a symbol that can be both positive and negative: it talks about an event related to a special person, but it can be about both the encounter and the loss.

As far as health is concerned, they enjoy good general health, most of their diseases are venereal, by pure association, which are said to be identifiable by spots and moles on the mons of Venus, as well as by bars, which would indicate also character problems. The rest of the conditions could be seen in the rest of the lines and mounts

Professionally, they will be successful in team work or as team leaders, or in those in which they have close contact with people such as nurses, caregivers, teachers of various ages, customer service... Although they also appreciate family life, such as As has already been said, they cannot abandon other aspects of their life, and for this reason they are generally hardworking, with the exception of those who dedicate themselves to pleasure.

The other mounts also have planetary and mythological names (Mars and Moon), but they are not attached to the fingers, which "takes away", so to speak, an important source of auxiliary information.

The mount of Mars extends diagonally between the two upper lines of the palm, from the gap between the index finger and the thumb, to below the mount of Mercury, which is why they are sometimes called the lower or upper mount, or the active mount. and passive, internal and external mount... even positive or negative mount; Likewise, the space between the index finger and thumb is called the Valley of Mars, and the outer mount is normally called Monte de Mars, thus adding two mount into one. It is a mount of complex interpretation due to everything it covers and the lines it presents. But at the same time, it is a mount that all people have, so it is important to take its characteristics into account.

The mount of Mars highlights self-control, resolution, courage and the ability to command (not leadership). The strength of the positive or internal Mount of Mars defines a defensive activity of the subject, while if the negative or external Mount of Mars stands out, it defines a more aggressive attitude, capable of going to the end of something catastrophic simply out of pride. In this way you can define whether he will be a good boss or a tyrant, whether he will solve problems in a calm and avoidant way, or in a direct and violent way, whether he will be responsible or unforgiving, etc. The fine and numerous lines on the mounts indicate the individual's lack of patience before exploding or giving up in the face of obstacles or enemies, just as the stars, crosses or bars will indicate frequent attacks of anger.

It must be taken into account that if the lower mount is overdeveloped we will find ourselves facing a braggart, a troublemaker without real strength for real confrontations. It is also necessary to compare the left hand with the right hand, since in the latter you can see the situations or vital moments in which his violent temperament will develop.

When it comes to love, by mythology they are united with the Venusians, but the truth is that, except for balanced Martians, it will be difficult for a couple not to clash with them. They will, on the other hand, be very independent people, so their partner should also be independent. Despite this, they are easy to convince and direct if you know them well enough.

In illness, they are generally robust and healthy, although their most common illnesses will be nerve, stomach and throat illnesses, as well as circulation-related problems. Added to this are problems of irritability and stress.

Professionally, they will look for independent work or in teams in which individual work is valued, always seeking reward and recognition. However, just as in love, they can easily let themselves go if they are sufficiently convinced of the rewards to receive.

Finally, at the external base of the palm is located the so-called Mount of the Moon. It is an excessively large mount on which there can be many different signs. To begin with, its "development" is measured by how bulky and rounded it is rather than by its hardness, since this may be conditioned by the manual work or not that the person performs. Generally, it is considered that the lines that cross the mount are those that determine the good or bad aspects of this mount that will influence the individual: the vertical lines will be positive, and the horizontal lines will be negative. Crooked lines should be viewed according to their apparent inclination. All people always have a little "lunarian"

A strong Mount of the Moon implies great imagination and creativity, but also varied concerns, procrastination, non-conformity, desire to travel and many castles in the air. They are not especially lucky in the business aspect. A weak, flaccid mount of the Moon indicates a total lack of this imagination, but the good thing is that they will be people with their feet on the ground. Both excess and lack of imagination can lead to an insolent and/or incomprehensible attitude. In any case, the Lunarians can be called free.

In love they are capricious, romantic and energetic, although with a great lack of self-confidence and continually besieged by multiple doubts about their own worth, so their partners tend to be patient people who become their greatest support, even when they know full well that their companies may not be successful.

For health, this mount, because it is so large, is also divided into three smaller parts: upper, middle and lower. Depending on where you see stars, points, bars, etc., it will be the place of the most common diseases to suffer. At the top, bone and intestinal diseases. In the middle part, bone diseases and diseases of the urinary and genital system. At the bottom, mental problems – the mount of the moon has been associated with "lunatics" for centuries.

Professionally, they are not very good leaders, but they can fit into a variety of jobs, however, they will always have another separate job, even if it is on a personal basis, that is more artistic: writing, painting, music, guiding, teaching, crafts... Yes If you want to start a personal business individually, you must be very well advised, because you will not be able to do it alone.

Given this, comment that for a long time the appearance of each person was associated with the predominance of a mount, and honestly, all this was excessively stereotyped and, although it may make sense that some people with the same marked mounts share tastes and hobbies, and therefore customs, considering that it determines the physical appearance were theories that fell under their own weight: the palmists themselves ended up rejecting this, because it made no sense to define "blonde and athletic" for the Apollonians, or "muscular and pale" for the Apollonians. Jupiterians, or "tall, thin, and dark-haired," instead of focusing on what mattered, the personality and future characteristics visible in the hands. That is why in the article we have preferred to ignore the physical description of people and only mention in passing the mythological influence with regard to personality.

Pietro Viktor Carracedo Ahumada - pietrocarracedo@gmail.com


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