06-23-2022. Girl kidnapped and murdered for “witchcraft debt” in Portugal


When talking about crimes of witchcraft, the Western world always looks to the past or to foreign countries, in the hope of removing the worst images from them. Witchcraft in the West is normally associated with esotericism and magic, spirituality and personal help, the vindication of feminism and paganism. However, all this avoidance means that, when a crime in which witchcraft is involved takes place, action is taken too late.

In Portugal, the kidnapping and murder of Jessica, a three-year-old girl, took place for an unpaid debt for witchcraft services. The mother contacted a woman, Ana Cristina, a false foster carer, to help her with spells so she could continue the relationship she had with the girl's stepfather. The cost of said magical work was 400 euros, which the mother did not pay, although now it seems that she was charging job by job, increasing the price until the other woman did not pay. And in a "last prayer of mooring", the girl was kidnapped by Ana Cristina and her husband, holding her and mistreating her for days until finally, in the hospital in Setúbal, they could do nothing for her. They evidently face a sentence for murder, and their daughter faces another for denial of help.

The mother, for her part, lied to social services, saying that the girl was in a vacation camp, instead of reporting the kidnapping, since she could have lost custody. This has caused the authorities to review the file of Jessica and her mother in the Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People, and consider that, to begin with, said file was closed at the beginning of the month without having taken into account the true physical and mental situation. In the home.

Then the fact that he requested help from "the witch", the extortion, the issue of payment, the fear of losing custody and also what prevented him from admitting having resorted to witchcraft will be taken into account. Clearly belief, obsession, fear and mental health influence Jessica's death. Would it have had the same impact if it had been a settling of accounts, without witchcraft involved? If witchcraft were a less marginal act, would the mother have dared to report it?

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